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Children, Young People and Family therapy.

As a child and adolescent counsellor/playtherapist I provide assessment and treatment to children and adolescents offering short-term and long-term interventions with children, young people and/or parents. This can be anything from a few sessions to regular appointments over several years

I am familiar with being part of a multidisciplinary approach. Therapy is often offered within the context of the family or school.

Sessions are usually held with the child/adolescent individually, however, sometimes I may see a child with parents and/or other family members or see parents or carers without the child being present.

I have also offered support and training to parents and other professionals such as teachers and support workers to help them to best support the young person and understand the messages that the child may be communicating through their play or other behaviours.

As with my work with adults, I tailor my approach to the individual child and work in an age-appropriate way, for example using play or drawing with younger children, while more frequently talking about feelings with older children and teenagers. The relationship between the child and the therapist is central to treatment.

As a School counsellor and also as a private practitioner I have offered Counselling or play therapy to young people aged 5-24 to help them with a wide range of emotional, psychological and behavioural difficulties including:

  • depression;
  • anxiety;
  • attachment disorder;
  • phobias;
  • aggression;
  • childhood abuse;
  • self-harming;
  • learning difficulties and disabilities;
  • eating disorders;
  • psychosomatic disorders.
  • issues associated with being in/or having been in care/adopted;
  • bereavement;
  • Autism;
  • trauma;
  • parental divorce/separation;
  • transitions;
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