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Client testimonials for The Therapy Hut Counselling

"Having hit an all time low a year after my father passed away, I was helpless. I searched online for a private counselling as I had a bad experience with CBT through the NHS. Jody helped me strip back the past and work out where all my anxiety problems arised. The hypnotherapy was amazing, helping with fears I had developed of water and flying. My anxiety was so severe that I had difficulty leaving my house some days, because of the fear of dying. After months of work with Jody, the anxiety began to disappear with techniques Jody had taught me. The sessions are just fantastic, Jody makes you feel at such ease and so easy to talk to. I would highly recommend Jody for anybody out there struggling. My life is so different now and back to normal. I can fly on planes without the fear of dying and go into the pool without anxiety! Thank you so much Jody!"

- Illy             

"Jody helped me completely lose my irrational fear of spiders with a single hypnotherapy session. Her relaxed and friendly approach made it very quick and simple and I felt instantly at ease. The results over 8 years on are still just as impressive and neither of my children inherited the fear from me which was the main objective. I would not hesitate to use Jody's excellent skills again. "

 - Tim, Guildford

"Loving the new site Jody, reflects you perfectly, thoughtful, professional and caring . I wouldn't expect anything less. Gut feel says so much about people and who they are, this site feels wonderful, enough said :)"

- Jonny Alcock

"Practitioner/Owner", "Positively Bonkers"

(Formerly Newquay Hypnotherapy & Reiki Clinic)

" Many Thanks for all your help, through some very tough times, we have all come out of that tunnel of depression and looking to a brighter future."   

- Carer, West Sussex

"Many thanks Jody for all your help. You have helped me climb the mountain and I am enjoying the view."  

- Male Carer.

"Counselling with Jody meant that I felt that she took on board all my problems & helped me with them in an individual way but with her professional knowledge too. As sessions progressed my problems dissolved and now at the end I feel much clearer."

- Client, Teacher

Mind, body and soul are all important in becoming a rounded individual. Jody has and is helping me to explore all areas of my life, from my inner thoughts to my own preconceived ideas on whats real or what I imagine to be real. She is helping me to become the best person that I can be. So far Jody has helped me to quit smoking for good and I'm on the way to achieve my ideal weight. As a result I’ve become more healthy than I’ve been in a long time. Not only in body but in my mind as well. To understand what was trapping me in repetitive cycles and how to break free from them. Thanks Jody

- Lee McAuley

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